Selenite Stick

Cleansing, Purification, Bringing Peace

*melts in water, do not wet


One selenite stick. Your stone will be chosen at random, and will measure approximately 2.5-3" by 0.5-1". See photos for examples of variations and size. 


  • Use to clear/charge this bracelet & other jewelry: Selenite clears its own energy and does not require cleansing. Additionally, it will cleanse any crystals it comes in contact with, so it’s ideal to place your jewelry atop this piece of selenite anytime it needs to be cleansed and charged. Do this periodically or anytime you have been through something stressful. Particularly helpful for this month’s bracelet as the bracelet will pick up negative energies as it cleanses, purifies and gives you positivity. 
  • Meditate & pray with it: Holding your selenite (careful not to rub along the striations as it can splinter) during meditation or prayer is excellent for raising intuition and auric levels. 
  • Pair with black tourmaline: Selenite paired with black tourmaline is powerfu