Love Actually : Stretchy Bracelet for Heart Healing & Confidence Boosting

LIMITED EDITION for the month of Feburary


Love is all around, and comes in many different forms. Whether it's romantic, platonic, familial, or the love we have for ourselves, it's not always easy to sustain and it's definitely not always fun. When our hearts are strained or hurt, we often  need time and support before they can open to love again. Rhodochrosite and rhodochrosite jade encourage the heart and root chakras to heal from heartbreak and emotional trauma, while Rose Gold Hematite blocks negativity and protects the heart while it grows and opens. Rose Quartz inspires renewed trust and harmony in your relationships, new and old, while surrounding your own heart with feelings of deep self love. Clear quartz amplifies the loving energies of the stones around it, and works as a powerful master healer - preparing your heart for all it's meant for. 


Rhodochrosite & Rhodochrosite Jade: Heals the heart and root chakras, opens your heart for love and self love, encourages healing of emotional trauma


Rose Gold Hematite: Protection, blocks negativity, boosts confidence and self esteem


Rose Quartz: Encourages self love, restores trust and harmony in relationships, attracts new love of all kinds


Clear Quartz: Unblocks stuck energy, amplifies loving energy, master healing stone



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This piece is made to order. Due to the natural materials used, your piece will differ slightly than that pictured. Photos have been enlarged to show detail. Beads measure 4-10mm.  Colors shown may vary due to your monitor settings.

Love Actually : Heart Healing & Confidence Boosting Bracelet


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