Chakra Stretchy Bracelet Set


Own the WHOLE set of chakra bracelets at a discount! Set includes seven bracelets, one for balancing each chakra.



Crown chakra: Enlightenment, oneness, connection to the universe and the divine

Third Eye chakra: Intuition, perception, inner peace
Throat chakra: Honesty, truth, self-expression
Heart chakra: Love, connection, compassion, emotional balance
Solar Plexus chakra: Energy, power, confidence, transformation
Sacral chakra: Emotions, sensuality, pleasure, movement
Root chakra: Groundedness, safety, stability

For more information on each of the chakras, click here and read each chakra bracelet listing. 

This listing is for a set of SEVEN bracelets. Check out our Chakra Collection to purchase singles!


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This piece is made to order. Due to the natural materials used, your piece will differ slightly than that pictured. Photos have been enlarged to show detail. Beads measure 4-10mm.  Colors shown may vary due to your monitor settings.

Chakra Stretchy Bracelet Set

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