Looking Glass: April 2021 Bracelet Of The Month


The name Fluorite has it’s roots in the Latin word fluere, meaning “to flow”.  Much like the rainbow of colors in this stone which flow from one to the next, we too are expected to transition from one situation to the next - often with challenges requiring more patience and grace than we may have available at any given moment. By encouraging self confidence and intuition, rainbow fluorite lays the foundation for smooth situations and interactions. It guides us toward cooperation, filters out the chaos, and primes us to focus on the task at hand, whether big or small. We flow seamlessly from one challenge to another, with fluorite’s protective and EMF blocking properties clearing the dust off of our lens, allowing laser-like focus and determination to flow from us like it’s been there all along.


With rainbow fluorite and polished black cherry Baltic amber. Strung on stretchy cord. 


Available for the month of April.



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This piece is made to order. Due to the natural materials used, your piece will differ slightly than that pictured. Photos have been enlarged to show detail. Beads measure 4-10mm.  Colors shown may vary due to your monitor settings.

Looking Glass : April 2021 Bracelet of the Month

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