Glow Up : January 2021 Bracelet Of The Month


As 2021 begins, we are all venturing into the great unknown. We never could have predicted how last year would have turned out, and as we step warily into this next revolution around the sun, let us do so armed with the tools to get us through whatever may lie ahead.


Labradorite and moonstone lift up our inner worth and inspire us to listen to our intuition. Chrysocolla and kyanite encourage us to let go of any guilt and bad vibes from this last year, take a nourishing breath, and communicate from a place of clarity, truth, and love. Opalite and amazonite soothe our nerves, balance our off-kilter energies, and tear down blockages, assisting us in the many transitions we'll soon encounter. 


Glow Up is available for the month of January.


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This piece is made to order. Due to the natural materials used, your piece will differ slightly than that pictured. Photos have been enlarged to show detail. Beads measure 4-10mm.  Colors shown may vary due to your monitor settings.

Glow Up : January 2021 Bracelet of the Month


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