Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone

Protection, Grounding, Blocks Negative Energy


One tumbled black tourmaline stone. Your stone will be chosen at random, and will measure approximately 1". Stones will range in color and texture - see photos.


How To Use Black Tourmaline

  • In your purse or car: Black tourmaline is excellent at blocking damaging radiation from cell phones and other electromagnetic smog. It is a great stone to place between yourself and the source of electromagnetic energy. 
  • Carry when visiting THOSE family members: We all have them. Whether it’s your parents or great Aunt Mildred, there are always those family members we visit because we love them, but we feel zapped by the time it’s done. Carry black tourmaline with you on those visits-it will protect your energy.
  • At your front door: This powerhouse blocking stone is great at purifying energy and encouraging positive attitude, no matter the circumstances. As you walk through your threshold, whether home from a big trip or just a day at work, let black tourmaline clear stress from your mind and bring only bright positivity into your home!

Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone