Tiger's Eye

Color: naturally brown-yellow with golden flash, dyed as pink, blue, red, green, etc.

Birthstone: June alternate

Starsign: Leo

Chakra: Sacral

Found in Australia, India, North America, and South Africa

Tiger’s eye is a gorgeous combination of healing earth energy with shining sun energy that gives the effect of high vibration that is nevertheless also deeply grounding. This is a FANTASTIC stone for everyone to have in their collection and it’s especially wonderful when worn on the body as jewelry for all the benefits we mention here!

Pieces including Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger's Eye Single Stone stretchy stacker

Fire: The Element Collection necklace & stretchy stacker

Jackpot: Prosperity necklace & stretchy stacker

Challenge Accepted: Energy, Stamina, Motivation necklace & stretchy stacker

Enneagram 3 stretchy stacker

Enneagram 8 stretchy stacker

Cloudbreak stretchy stacker

Sacral Chakra stretchy stacker

Draw the Line: Healthy Boundaries stretchy stacker

Chill Bro: Anxiety & Grounding stretchy stacker

Whole Lotta Love: Libido Boosting stretchy stacker

Love Wins: Pride stretchy stacker

Aries: The Zodiac Collection stretchy stacker

Leo: The Zodiac Collection stretchy stacker

Capricorn: The Zodiac Collection stretchy stacker

Check out our selection of jewelry featuring tiger's eye HERE!

Want to add tiger's eye to your jewelry? Leave us a note on your order, or send us a message to create a custom piece!

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