The Root Chakra

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Have you heard all the talk about chakras and wanted more info? We’ve got a quick run down on chakras for ya, plus a highlight on the root chakra specifically.

What are chakras?

Your chakras are the connection between your physical body and your energetic body. They are centers for the flow of energy and each focuses on or rules over various specific types of energies.

There are 7 main chakras that run up and down the center of your body. This image shows where your chakras are located on your body and the focus of each.

Why balance your chakras?

Properly cared for, your chakras can help support you in feeling physically, mentally and spiritually vibrant and well. When your chakras become imbalanced, you can feel emotional effects like depression, anxiety, and anger in addition to physical ailments like pain, inflammation, and more.

How to take care of your chakras?

Just being aware of your internal energetic system is the first important step! Learning about the types of energy each chakra rules and the signs and symptoms of each one when out of balance is also key. Once you find a chakra that needs your attention, you can pray or meditate on that chakra. You can use white light visualization to open, energize, and balance it.

Crystals and Chakra work

You can also use physical tools to help align your focus to the energies of the chakra you are working with-this is where crystals come in! You can meditate or pray with your crystals. This is a great technique when you have time to focus intently, but what about in your day-to-day when your chakras can fluctuate due to stress and the daily grind? Crystal jewelry is the perfect answer! With stones chosen to support, energize, open and balance the chakra you are working with-you can wear it on your body and help you keep your target chakra in bright, beautiful equilibrium.


Today, we are focusing on your root chakra. Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine and it’s responsible for keeping you grounded and helping you to feel secure.

Is your Root Chakra imbalanced?

Underactive: Anxious Trouble focusing Insomnia Spaced-out Forgetful

Overactive: Overeating Angry Hoarding Excessive worry

Does that sound familiar? Get your Root Chakra back into healthy function with the Root Chakra Stretchy Stacker bracelet. With smoky quartz, garnet, and red jasper this gorgeous earthy beauty promotes groundedness, safety, and stability.

You can, of course, just wear it during your day to keep focused on staying in touch with your Root Chakra but that’s not all! Every time you put it on, say the Root Chakra affirmation:

“I feel safe and protected”

You can also pray & mediate with it by placing the bracelet over your root chakra while laying on your back. Visualize the stones’ energies blending with the energy of your chakra and bringing it back to balance. Use the Root Chakra affirmation while you relax and feel yourself connecting to the earth and feeling safe and cared for.

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