Terrahertz Terrific!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Color: Silvery metallic chrome

Chakras: 8th & 9th chakras*

Important facts: man-made mineral composed of silicon

Terrahertz is one of the rarest stones on the market. And since it is quite difficult to obtain, it’s pricier compared to other stones that are more widely available. Terrahertz can emit far infrared and negative ion energy, which makes it excellent as a meditation tool and for increasing your body’s energetic flow. It's also excellent for protecting the body from electromagnetic frequencies.

If you have never held a piece of terrahertz, you NEED to! It has such a powerful vibe, you can literally feel it in your hands. Which makes sense since it vibrates at about 1 trillion times per second. WOW!

The high vibrational energy makes terrahertz a fantastic healer, as illness and injury vibrate at a very low frequency and cannot exist in a high frequency environment. This means wearing terrahertz on your body is an excellent thing!

Check out our jewelry that includes terrahertz:

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