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Updated: Mar 7

Who doesn’t love a great subscription box?! It’s my favorite treat to ME. (I love to gift them, too!) I look forward to my box arriving each month. I get to take a moment, open my special goodie and feel just a little indulgent and pampered. It’s the perfect “me time” mini celebration, and I don’t even have to wait for my birthday!

This is an awesome way to treat yo’self (or your loved ones), with our Funky Birdie Amber Bracelet of the Month Subscription Box! You get your Funky Birdie fix EVERY month, delivered straight to you! It’s a great way to build your STACK of Funky Birdie Amber stretchy bracelets at a killer deal that’s not offered anywhere else!

So here’s the scoop on how it works:

  • What does the box contain? Each shipment will contain a hand stamped box filled with the Bracelet of the Month, an info card explaining the intent of the bracelet as well as a list and description of each stone used, a bonus stone to complement your bracelet's intent or purpose, and an info card telling all about your new stone and ways to use it!

  • If I sign up now, which bracelet am I getting, and when does it ship? When you start your subscription, your first box will be the current Bracelet of the Month. For instance, order right now (February 2021), and you will start with the delicate SAKURA bracelet for hope, clarity, and unconditional love. Then, your monthly box will ship out the 10th of each following month.

NIRVANA: March 2021 Bracelet of the Month
  • What should I expect? The Bracelet of the Month changes each month to a new, original design. Sometimes they are centered around a theme of the current season, other times there is focus on a particular healing goal. Each bracelet may include any combination of Baltic amber rounds, gemstone nuggets, and gemstone rounds.

  • What is the intent of each bracelet? What stones are in it? Your bracelet will come with a beautifully printed info card that outlines the purpose of the bracelet, each stone included, and how each stone supports the intention and healing of that month’s bracelet design.

  • Wear it YOUR way: These babies are stretchy bracelets, our favorite for easy wear, stacking with other bracelets, and they are super durable too! However, if you prefer a clasping bracelet, we have that option too! Just click here and select the number of months you are subscribing to upgrade each of your subscriptions to clasping bracelets.

  • BONUS crystal: ALSO included in each subscription box is a BONUS crystal which is selected to complement your Bracelet of the Month. Your crystal will come along with an info card that explains the properties of this crystal along with suggestions for how you can use it around your home and in your day-to-day life.

  • Take it to the next level: What’s super cool about this subscription-you can choose to UPGRADE your bracelet to an anklet or necklace at a DISCOUNT! We announce the new Bracelet of the Month with photos each month on the 1st (or the next business day) on our Facebook page. Preview the design, and just shoot us a message (email, website, or on Facebook) that you want to upgrade (all the way up to the 9th of the month) and we will take it from there!

  • What's that? I can skip a month?! Additional subscription perk: When you see the design released at the beginning of the month, if it’s not your cup of tea, NO PROBLEM! Just shoot us a message before the 9th of the month and let us know you’d like to skip that month and we will skip the current month and extend your subscription an additional month.

  • A great deal: My favorite part of the Bracelet of the Month Subscription Box is the KILLER DEAL! Bracelets of the Month typically range between $30-35/bracelet. But with the subscription you lock in a super low price on these designs-even the ones LOADED with premium crystals and gemstones - NO SALE CODE NEEDED! You can choose between 3 month, 6 month, or 12 months; the longer you subscribe, the more you SAVE per bracelet!

  • Crazy cheap shipping: As always, you get the same great Funky Birdie flat-rate shipping: pay the $3 shipping fee ONCE, and it covers your WHOLE subscription!

So if you’ve been on the fence about jumping in on this great subscription, NOW is the time! You’re guaranteed to expand your jewelry and crystal collections with pieces you love, that support your healing and growth AND you save while you do it! Now THAT is the ultimate in self-care.

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