Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Pisces: The Fish (February 20-March 20)

STRENGTHS: imaginative, compassionate, accepting

WEAKNESSES: self-doubting, escapist, indecisive

LIKES: music, romance, alone time

DISLIKES: being criticized, cruelty, know-it-alls

A bit about Fish folks… Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is represented by the last stages of life. As such, they are the epitome of wisdom with high ideals. People born under the sign of the fish are caring and give freely of their hearts. They can also be a bit demanding, emotionally, with sudden mood shifts. But those Piscean eyes can melt hearts!

We have specially selected each stone in our Pisces Zodiac bracelet to support Pisceans with their specific needs and challenges:

CHRYSOCOLLA: Combats self-doubt with self-awareness

KYANITE: Calming & communication

AQUAMARINE: Supports compassionate sensitivity

FLUORITE: Overcome sadness with focus and light

JADE: Stamina to push past laziness

PEARL: Connects to wisdom & integrity

CRYSTAL QUARTZ: Highlighting intuition & spirituality

RAW BLACK CHERRY AMBER: Aids in pain relief and inflammation

Who needs this bracelet? Wear a Pisces bracelet if…

  • Pisces is your sign (sun sign)

  • Your kids, partner(s), and family are Pisces (as part of a zodiac family bracelet stack!)

  • You share any of the traits listed above

  • You have Pisces is in your Birth Chart, particularly your Moon Sign or Rising/Ascending Sign

  • You'd like to align with Pisces during that time of year (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

  • The moon is in Pisces each month to align with universal & planetary energies

Don't have a birth chart yet? This site is awesome and FREE! Just a few pieces of info will give you a bunch of really insightful details about yourself and your traits: https://alabe.com/

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