Top 5 Crystals For Love (And How To Use Them)

Updated: Jul 15

Who doesn’t want more love in your life? Whether it be self-love, love from a partner, love from friends, or even the love between parent and child-love is what makes the world go ‘round! It is what makes living worth while!

A smart man once wrote, “Love is all you need.” Well, we agree. We are here to talk about some of the crystals that vibrate at the very frequency of love. Using these stones helps to attune your body, mind, and spirit to being open to love, enjoying it, expressing it, and putting it back out into the world. So let’s talk about which stones best attract which types of love, then we can look at how best to use them.

The Best Crystals for Love

Rose Quartz: unconditional love, self-love, romantic love, attract love, in existing relationships-restores trust and harmony, friendship bonds, “mother love” stone

Sugilite: spiritual love, opens and alligns chakras toward love, encourages loving communication

Rhodochrosite: selfless love, compassion, relationship love, people who feel unloved, attracts soulmate, self-worth and therefore self-love, encourages expression of loving feelings, passionate & sexual (erotic) love

Garnet: inspires love & devotion, balances sex drive, aids in sexual potency, stone of commitment, removes emotional inhibitions

Amazonite: universal love, enhance loving communication

How To Use Gemstones for Love

  • Our favorite way to use crystals for love is to wear them! It’s easy to tuck them into your pocket or bra, or for easiest wear: jewelry! This keeps the crystals in physical contact with your body which give you a direct boost of their energy in a very potent way. This is ideal for aura charging, chakra healing, as well as a visual, and kinesthetic reminder of channeling your thoughts and energies toward love!

  • Place the crystal of your choice by your bedside, either in view or tucked in a bedside table drawer. This will draw love and relationships toward you as well as ignite passion in your bedroom.

  • Place the stone you are working with in the relationship corner of your home. Following the modern feng shui bagua, this is in the back right corner of your home, as you look at your house standing in your front door (we recommend consulting with a feng shui professional for more details). This will help bring love energy to yourself, as well as relationships in your life.

  • Meditate or pray with your chosen crystal. This will help bring your focus to your intention to bring more love into your life, and your daily comings and goings. -Use the gemstone you are called toward for chakra healing. Place the crystal over your heart chakra or over your sacral chakra depending on the type of healing you are focusing on. Heart chakra would be appropriate for romantic love, self love, and love of friends and children. Sacral chakra would be ideal for work centering on passion, sexual intimacy, and love with fertility goals.

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