8 Crystals For Beginners (And What To Do With Them)

Updated: Jul 15

Looking to get started with crystals, but not sure which ones to add to your collection first? We've got some ideas of some great stones for beginners, along with some helpful suggestions on HOW to use them, too!

Amethyst: Sleep, calm, anxiety relief, spirituality, sobriety. Keep on your bedside table, or even under your pillow.

Citrine: Mood lifting, communication, cleanses other stones. Keep by your phone or your computer.

Crystal Quartz: Amplifies other stones, boosts energy, powerful for healing. Keep in your pocket on days you need some "extra".

Tiger's Eye: Strength, focus, confidence, achieving goals. Keep in your pocket or bra when you work out or have a busy day ahead.

Amazonite: Soothes trauma, quells conflict, inspires creativity. Keep in your personal "safe space", like your bedroom, edge of your bathtub, or your car.

Selenite: Peace, calm, clarity of mind, moon energy. Keep in your meditation or prayer space.

Fluorite: Focus, clarity, EMF protection, helpful during Mercury Retrograde. Keep in your pocket when you need a mental boost.

Pyrite: Willpower, manifestation, prosperity, abundance. Keep on your desk at work, or in your purse.

This list of stones is a great jumping off point for building a well-rounded crystal collection! Check out our Crystals section to see these and even more!

To make it easy to obtain these beginner's stones, we've put them together in a collection called Funky Birdie Favorites, available here!

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