Crystals For Anxiety & Stress

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

You know the feeling… that heart-racing, stomach-knotting, jittery feeling. You may not even

realize what’s up with you. These days, more and more of us suffer with symptoms that range from stress, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, stomach distress, mental fog, the list goes on. You guys, ALL of these can be related back to anxiety! And Funky Birdie can help!

Gemstones have been used for ages to ease these feelings and can be quite effective for helping manage daily anxiety and stress.

The Best Stones for Anxiety

Because of the wide variety of ways that anxiety can manifest itself, there are a LOT of stones that can be helpful to manage it. Today, we are gonna share our faves with you and how each stone can help with anxiety, but remember this is by no means an exhaustive list!

Amethyst: Very calming stone with tranquilizing properties that combat stress and

boost healing and focus while supporting healthy sleep patterns

Aventurine: Super positive stone that diffuses negative energy, blocks geopathic stress, and stabilizes state of mind

Hematite: Heavily grounding stone, useful for harmonizing mind, body, and spirit while promoting restful sleep and overall calm

Kunzite: Tranquil stone with a high vibration that radiates peace and centeredness while encouraging self-expression and free expression of feelings, excellent for panic attacks

Labradorite: Highly protective, forms a barrier to negative energy, preventing loss of one’s own energy from within while banishing fear and insecurity and calming an over-active mind

Moonstone: Powerfully calming and stabilizing for emotions, reducing overreactions to situations and emotional triggers, and soothing digestive issues related to stress, great for children and sleep

Rose Quartz: The stone of love and peace, excellent for reassurance during trauma or crisis, transmutes negative energy into positivity while encouraging self-forgiveness, acceptance and invoking trust in oneself; self-worth

Turquoise: Strengthening stone, it protects against outside influences that result in panic attacks and exhaustion, balancing empathy with self-realization and creative problem solving, fantastic for public speaking

How To Use Crystals For Anxiety

Wear them, of course! No but really, using crystal and gemstone jewelry was never more perfect than for soothing anxiety. It’s important to remember that it’s typically easier to get on top of anxiety by staving it off rather than to stop it once it’s already started spiraling. This is

why we love wearing our anxiety stones daily and recommend you do the same! It’s such a simple way to keep the crystals in touch with your body and against your skin all day, which is the most effective way to receive the mellowing effects from your stones.

Is a bracelet okay, or do I have to wear a necklace?”

We get this question a LOT! Here’s the real deal about necklace vs. bracelet/anklet… we

advise you to choose whichever piece of jewelry you are most likely to wear as often as possible. Period. If you won’t wear it, it’s not going to help. That said, for those suffering chronic anxiety and panic attacks, our customers have reported better results with more stones. Necklaces tend to be the easiest way to get more stones on your body. But who says you can’t triple-wrap a necklace around your wrist or stack several bracelets together?! Do what works for YOU!

Check out our selection of jewelry designed to support you in anxiety management HERE!

Important note for crystal users rocking stones for anxiety: please be sure to clear and charge your gemstones regularly. When you use crystal jewelry for anxiety, your stones are exposed to high levels of stress and they will absorb that energy. To release that and retune your stones back to their purpose will give you the best results when wearing your anxiety relief gemstones. For a breakdown on this and a real talk how-to on clearing and charging, check out our blog HERE!

As always, please remember the information we provide here is for educational purposes only. We are not doctors and nothing here is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional to help guide you in your healing. Gemstone therapies can be a great complement to other therapies but doesn’t necessarily have to be the only tool you try.

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