How to Clear & Charge Your Crystal Jewelry

Updated: Jun 18

Before we talk about how, let’s start with the why.

We know crystals produce energy (like quartz, which is used by watches to power them and make time), but they also absorb and hold energies they come into contact with.

This is why it’s important to cleanse your new crystal jewelry, so it can be purified of any old energy it may be hanging on to.

How to CLEAR Your Crystal Jewelry

There are many methods you can use to clear your gemstone jewelry of any energies they may be hanging on to. You'll need to look at the physical qualities of your stones and jewelry and determine for yourself which method will be right for you.

Running water: First, check that your stones are safe to be used in water! Crystals like Selenite, Angelite, Desert Rose, and some others are NOT SAFE in water as they can degrade or even dissolve. For stones that are water safe, simply hold your crystal jewelry under the faucet, pour bottled water over it, or place it in the ocean or stream (carefully please!) to draw off negativity. Alternately, place your jewelry in a bowl of water with a handful of sea salt for one hour. IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not recommend soaking for longer periods than one hour as water can damage the thread and findings on your Funky Birdie Amber jewelry. Be sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry afterward. • Salt or rice: Place your jewelry in a bowl of salt or rice overnight and negative energy will be absorbed. Be sure to remove all salt from between beads or crevices in your jewelry, as the salt may draw and hold water there causing damage to your piece, the stones and findings themselves.

• Cleansing with smoke: Burning bundles of sustainable herbs like mugwort or rosemary is effective to remove negativity from your crystals. Research herbs used from your lineage to connect even more to the cleansing effect! Simply hold your

jewelry in the plume of smoke from your herb bundle. We love this gentle method as it’s very safe for crystal and gemstone jewelry!

Visualization: Hold your crystal jewelry in your non-dominant hand and visualize a pure, bright beam of light coming down and streaming through the piece. See the light flushing any energies your jewelry is holding and releasing them back down to the earth to be absorbed and transmuted. This method is also very gentle for cleansing jewelry with crystals.

New moon: The new moon is a time of release and new beginnings, which makes it an excellent time to cleanse your crystals. Leave them out under the new moon (on your windowsill, car dashboard, or somewhere safe outside) to clear them of stagnant energy.

Full moon: The full moon is also an excellent time to both clear AND charge your crystals and crystal jewelry. Follow the same streps as with the New Moon, with the added bonus of setting intentions and charging with powerful full moon energy.

Other crystals: If you own a crystal specimen of Selenite, Carnelian, Citrine, Crystal Quartz, or Kyanite you can place your jewelry atop the stone overnight and these powerful cleansing stones will remove any energies your jewelry has absorbed. This is another wonderfully gentle method for jewelry. Click here to view our selection of crystal specimens!

Now that you have purified your gemstone jewelry of the energies it has come into contact with, it’s time to charge it! This is basically programming the stones with intention. This way, the crystals within your jewelry will have their energies focused toward healing and your specific intentions for that piece.

How to CHARGE Your Crystal Jewelry

Just like with clearing, there are several options you can choose to imbue your jewelry with the healing energy you want to support your particular needs. We recommend choosing what feels best and most connected for you! No one way is better or more effective than any other. And the more you can focus on your purpose, instead of worrying if you’re doing this whole thing “right”, the more benefit you will see from your stones and healing gemstone jewelry!

Some methods do lend themselves better to the type of stones and purpose of your jewelry, but all of the different methods will work for all types stones, in a pinch.

Sunlight: The sun's rays are excellent for energizing and programming your gemstones. We love sun-charging for pieces that are intended to uplift mood, aid with energy, or combat mental fog and depression. A good way to know sunshine is right for your piece is if it contains red, orange, yellow, or pink stones. Simply place your jewelry in the sunlight for a couple hours (or all day). As you lay it out, hold your intentions for this piece of jewelry in your mind; see the goals you are working toward. Be sure to choose a safe spot where it won’t get lost, picked up, or damaged by any creatures or people. Outside is our favorite, but when that’s not possible, a sunny window ledge, or even hanging from the rearview mirror of your car can work.

Moonlight: Moonbeams are wonderful for programming intent into your jewelry too! We use the moon for jewelry purposed for calming and focus, restfulness and sleep, mothers’ pieces, and anxiety. Cool-toned stones in blues and purples as well as white and pale-colored stones love moonlight. Any moonlit night will do, but the full moon is fantastic for the best charge! Just like sun-charging, place your jewelry in the best spot to be directly in the moon’s light for as long as possible overnight.

Be sure to consider the safety of your chosen location; you don’t want your jewelry to get stepped on or whisked away by any backyard critters! Hanging from a tree branch in the backyard is fun (and super pretty)!

If you don’t have access to tree branches where you live, placing your jewelry on the dashboard of your car is a great alternative to shine some moonlight on them. Again, as you lay out your jewelry for moon programming, think about what you want from this piece of jewelry and see it working toward the best possible outcome for you.

• Earth: The earth is great for programming stones that are focused on grounding, mellowing, fertility, protection, or growth. These tend to be stones that are green, black, brown, and grey. Using earth to charge your gemstone jewelry is a bit different than charging loose stones. You don’t want to bury your jewelry, as it can ruin the thread and embed your findings with grit. Yuck! When using earth for charging crystal jewelry, we like to place our jewelry on a large flat rock, or atop well-packed soil or sand so that the piece is in contact with the ground, but not embedded in it. As always, be sure to think about choosing a safe spot and leave your piece in contact with the ground for several hours to overnight. Hold a picture in your mind of your desires for this piece and ask the stones to help you to the best of their abilities.

• Visualization: Visualization is effective for charging and programming your crystal jewelry as well as clearing it. This method works well for all types of stones. Don’t worry - you don’t have to be an expert to try it! Just hold your jewelry in your dominant hand, and picture a clear, vibrant light coming down, flooding your crystals with the energy needed to attain your goals for this piece. State very clearly what you need, whether it’s healing a particular symptom or aiding with certain feelings or moods. Repeat the intention several times to anchor it into your stone or piece of jewelry. It may sound too easy, but when you try this, you might be surprised how connected to your crystals you can feel!

Ok, but WHEN Should I Cleanse and Charge My Jewelry?

There are lots of opinions out there on when and how often to cleanse and charge gemstones. We like to keep it simple:

1. When you first receive it: While we at Funky Birdie do work to imbue purpose into each piece as we make it, we still recommend clearing and charging your new jewelry when you get it in the mail. Think how many hands it may have passed through just to get to you, and what chaotic energy it may have picked up during shipping. Wipe the energetic slate clean and reprogram it with its intended purpose to get the most out of your piece.

2. After any major issues: If you are wearing your jewelry or using crystals during an illness, accident, or any type of strong emotional event (like a natural disaster or even just a fight with your family member), it will pick up the stress-energy from the event. You want to clear that from your piece so that you and your stones aren’t carrying that negative energy with you. After you clear your piece of the energy associated with the issue you have just experienced, you will want to refocus the purpose of your crystals by recharging your jewelry with one of the methods we just talked about.

3. At the full moon: It’s not required to clear and charge your jewelry at every full moon, but it sure is a great periodic reminder! And the full moon is a wonderful provider of energy.

4. When you feel you need a boost: If you know you have a particularly challenging time ahead of you or if you feel that your piece could use refreshing, go ahead and clear and recharge your jewelry! The new energy may help calm you for what is ahead. Or if you feel the piece isn’t functioning as you hoped, reconnecting with it while you clear and recharge it may help you feel that support you are needing.

Understanding the importance and how-to of clearing and charging your crystal pieces will help you gain the most benefit from your Funky Birdie Amber jewelry and crystals!

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