Funky Birdie Amber: 100% Made in America!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

We know made in America is important to you, and it’s important to us! With so many makers’ jobs moving production out of our country, it’s become increasingly critical that we purchase from companies that hold the standard of AMERICAN MADE!

We hold strong to that same standard at Funky Birdie Amber. We walk the walk! We know

there are amber jewelry vendors out there that offer jewelry that is pre-made and imported, but that has never been our approach. We believe that each piece of jewelry is a healing work of art. We pour love and intention into each piece.

Every time you order a piece of jewelry from Funky Birdie Amber, your piece is made to your exact specifications by us - two moms in Texas. We ONLY purchase beads, NEVER pre-made jewelry. We want 100% of the creation, quality-control, and love that hand-making our jewelry allows!We love being able to handle each bead and tie every knot, ensuring the highest quality and best possible support and healing for you and your family. This our passion!

Now you might ask, “Funky Birdie, I thought your import your amber beads from the Baltic region?” You’re absolutely right! Part of making sure Funky Birdie Amber is the most effective healing and pain relief jewelry it can be, is using ONLY verified authentic Baltic amber from Lithuania, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

We commit to you, our beloved fans, that Funky Birdie Amber will ALWAYS be made in the USA!

We are growing, and soon we will need to bring others to help us with the creation of jewelry and all the fun that goes into making Funky Birdie Amber the awesome company that it is. As we expand, we're excited offer this opportunity to other mamas with passion and talent for natural healing and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. You can always rest easy knowing when you choose Funky Birdie Amber for your family’s health and wellness jewelry, you are supporting a small business made of moms in Texas! Be sure to ask WHO makes your jewelry EVERY time you buy amber!

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