Are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

With conflicting information in the natural parenting world in regards to Baltic amber teething necklaces, it's important to know: Just HOW safe are these natural teething remedies? As parents ourselves, we absolutely share your concerns.

We'd like to outline for you some guidelines for use and some information on how to safely use and achieve the maximum benefit from your child's Baltic amber teething necklace!


As with any other items for small children containing small parts, adult supervision is recommended at all times while Baltic amber teething jewelry is in use. It is not recommended to leave amber jewelry (or any jewelry!) on or with a small child while they are sleeping or playing unsupervised.


One of the most important factors in choosing an amber teething necklace for your child is ensuring that it's the correct size. It's very important to ensure that your child cannot roll their necklace over their chin and into their mouth. If they can put the jewelry in their mouth, it's too long! ALL Baltic amber jewelry works by being worn against the skin, and is NOT intended for children to chew. Funky Birdie Amber does not currently offer ANY jewelry meant to be chewed or put in the mouth.

Amber is soft and will break if chewed. Gemstones are hard and will break teeth if chewed! If your child is WELL past the putting-things-in-their-mouth phase (for our kids, it was age 4 or older), length becomes a matter of preference and you can go with a longer necklace. Or, save money and order an extender for the old one!


Our Teething and Children's jewelry features break-away safety points at the clasps of each piece. If pulled on with force, the jewelry WILL break - just like it's meant to do! In the extremely rare event of a child becoming bound, the necklace will break away and pose less of a threat of injury to the child. If the breakaway features are deployed and the necklace needs repair, e-mail us!


All Funky Birdie Amber jewelry for children is hand-knotted in between each and every bead. In the rare event that the jewelry breaks, only one bead will come loose, which minimizes the chance of a child swallowing beads. Because we handcraft each piece of jewelry exactly to your specifications, each and every bead is inspected for breaks, cracks, or rough edges prior to stringing.


Over time, jewelry does show wear, and it is important to inspect jewelry regularly for broken beads or clasp wear. Jewelry with many missing beads can be a hazard. Don't forget: We offer repairs!


We also offer a few different clasp options to suit your child's needs! Plastic screw clasps are the most difficult to break-away, meaning they will require a LOT of force to give way in the unlikely case of an emergency situation, and it will require repair if the breakaway feature is used. We recommend using screw clasps for very small children only under supervision. We also recommend them for older children's necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, as well as adult jewelry.


These clasps have the same look as screw clasps, but breakaway MUCH more easily and won't result in actual breakage of the piece. However, because the necklace can be removed simply by pulling on it, it does mean that it's more likely to be removed by your child and possibly get lost. We like this option best for babies who are too young to grab at their jewelry. Often, little ones who wear a pop clasp necklace from early on, never fuss with their jewelry when they get older because they are so used to wearing it!


We offer custom adjustable Baltic amber anklets for teething babies, too! Or if teething jewelry just isn't your thing, we also have an extensive line of jewelry for older children and adults available at

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