Creating Your Custom Amber Jewelry

When I started out trading amber jewelry on online parenting boards, almost every piece I sold was highly customized. I loved the process of talking with people and finding out what they wanted their amber and gemstones to do for them, which combinations of stones spoke to them, and knowing that they had a hand in designing a piece they really, really loved and felt a part of creating. Some of our flagship pieces were actually designed by or inspired by custom orders!

As Funky Birdie Amber grew into what it is today, we've only added to our custom options. Every week we're bringing in new stones, new supplies, and new ideas.

Our list of customization options allows for almost infinite possibilities for your necklace, bracelet, anklet, earrings, and more:

Amber Color: Milky, Lemon, Honey, Cognac, Green, or Black

Amber Shape: Round "Baroque" or Nuggets

Thread Color: 15+ options currently offered, with more coming soon. It seems like a small customization, but you can drastically change the look of a piece just by changing the color of the knots!

Clasp Style: Sterling Silver spring ring clasps, plastic screw clasps, plastic pop clasps in stock, with lobster clasps, toggle clasps, and more available by special order

OVER 100 DIFFERENT GEMSTONES in a multitude of different shapes, from perfectly round to the traditional Funky Birdie Amber style nuggets and chips. Our huge number of gemstones and crystals are what set Funky Birdie Amber apart from other Baltic amber jewelry makers. Not only are they beautiful, they allow for your piece to be even more functional and beneficial. Check out an index of all the stones we carry, plus photos of our current stock here!

Gemstones help support different systems in the body, as well as offering emotional/mood support and helping you focus on your goals. Whether you have a long list or a single target you're looking to address, we can help customize your jewelry to support you - while looking beautiful and customized to your style and taste. Browse gemstones by intent here!

We have had the privilege to create custom memorial jewelry, wedding jewelry, character-inspired jewelry, Apple Watch bands, pieces to coordinate with baby wraps, and more. You can even send us a special pendant or bead to incorporate into your piece! We've also got lava stones and diffuser lockets for essential oils, magnets for soothing arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms, and more to add even further function to your jewelry.

Check out this slideshow of some recent custom orders, and follow us on Instagram (@funkybirdieamber) to see new custom designs added every week! Follow us on Facebook and join our VIP group The Nest to have input on naming new designs and get a glimpse into how we create our jewelry!

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