Get the most out of your Funky Birdie Amber jewelry!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Let's talk about how to get the MOST out of your Funky Birdie Amber jewelry! As with most natural and homeopathic treatments, experiences can be different for everyone. Overwhelming anecdotal data supports using Baltic Amber for relief from pain from headaches, teething pain, neck and shoulder pain, wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sciatica, and more.

Additionally, our huge variety of stones and crystals can help with mood support, anxiety, healthy sleep, focus...the list goes on. With crystals, people experience anything from subtle to substantial effects when they wear their crystal jewelry, and your crystals will benefit from frequent energetic cleansing and charging, which you can read more about here. Baltic Amber is most effective when worn as much as possible. Your Baltic Amber beads need to be in contact with the skin to warm and release their oils to receive maximum therapeutic benefits. For best results, wear your Baltic Amber jewelry as close to the source of the pain as possible - necklace for headaches, teething pain, etc., bracelet for wrist pain, etc. Some people will notice slight differences very quickly when wearing their jewelry for the first time! For many, pain symptoms often lessen within less than 24 hours of putting on their jewelry. For most, it is a cumulative effect - with the easing of symptoms most often noted within 2-3 weeks of consistent wear. If you need to boost the pain relief from your Baltic amber jewelry, you can run the beads under luke warm water. The heat and moisture help to activate a quicker release of the amber's natural oils containing the pain reliever, succinic acid. The most common testimonial we receive is when people get their new amber jewelry and wear for a long while, perhaps not even noting the changes they are experiencing. Invariably they take off their amber jewelry for some reason or another. We love to receive emails like this, "We had the worst day yesterday (pain-wise). Little one was cranky and cried so much. And then I realized we took off the her necklace the night before! I put it back on her right away. I didn't even realize how well it was working till I took it off and OH MY GOSH! We love it! We are convinced, never will we be without amber again!"

To lengthen the life of (and consequently, maximize the benefits) your Baltic Amber jewelry, it's important to properly care for your pieces: - Do not use harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners/solutions. - Do not store your amber jewelry along with metal jewelry as it may cause the amber beads to chip, crack and break.

- We do not recommend showering or bathing in your amber & gemstone jewelry, as the exposure to water and body care products can be damaging to the beads, findings, and thread. Additionally, body care products can coat amber,

- Remove your jewelry and/or avoid using body care products in the areas you wear your amber jewelry that will coat the jewelry, such as: hairsprays, gels, lotions, etc. These types of personal care products can not only dull the look of your amber jewelry, but also they can affect the therapeutic effectiveness by coating the stones and inhibiting the release of the amber's natural oils. - It is recommended that amber jewelry be removed before swimming in chlorinated pools and spas.

If you find the effectiveness of your amber jewelry to be lessening, your piece may need to be cleaned to remove buildup of hygiene products and dirt. To clean, simply rinse in warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. If further cleaning is needed, you can brush between the beads and around the clasps with a soft jewelry brush or cloth. Once clean, dry with a soft cloth. We want you to get the maximum benefit out of your Funky Birdie Amber jewelry! If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page, contact us, or e-mail us at

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