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Crystals & Their Meanings

Click on the gemstone name to view a sample. Photo shown may not represent our current stock of materials.

Abalone: Stone of calming, anxiety, stress, heart and digestive systems, balancing the body and emotions, compromise and communication

Agate - Blue Lace: Stone of healing, calming, sleep, communication, nerves, confidence and clarity of thought, peace of mind, expressing emotions without getting upset 


Agate - Indian: Stone of harmony, sleep, calming, stabilizing emotions, anxiety and stress relief


Agate - Tree: (Also known as Dendritic Agate) Stone of plentitude, good for post-partum depression, creating a peaceful environment, strengthening familial connections, and overcoming traumas and remaining centered


Amazonite: Stone of soothing, childbirth, restless legs, sexual desire, balancing emotions, soothing trauma and calming the mind of worry, helps block geopathic stress

Amber: Not a stone at all, but a fossilized tree resin, absorbs negative energies, brings patience and calm, stimulates the intellect, encourages peacefulness

Amethyst: Protective stone, aids in general healing & cleansing, depression & anxiety, pregnancy & miscarriage, headaches, PMS, excess weight, sleep, calming the mind, focus, memory, motivation, encourages sobriety, discourages anger, rage, and anxiety

Ametrine: Powerfully combines amethyst and citrine, supports relief of tension and stress, enhances compatibility and acceptance of others, brings mental clarity, strengthens concentration, promotes optimism, balances energy levels

Apatite: Stone of inspiration, manifestation, motivation, encourages extroversion and facilitates social inclusion, reduces irritability, frustration, and encourages passion without guilt, good for joint support, arthritis, and encouraging healthy eating


Aquamarine:  Stone of courage, calms the mind, allergies, anti-inflammatory, focus, calming & soothing nervous tension, reducing stress, imbuing with courage, soothing fears


Aventurine - Red: Speeding metabolism, supporting reproductive system, increasing libido & supporting fertility, bringing confidence & perseverance, encouraging positive attitude & calming nerves


Aventurine - Green: Comforting, supports fertility, settles nausea, allergies, migraines, neutralizing electromagnetic pollution (i.e. blocking emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment), removing negative emotions & thoughts, depression 

Calcite: Amplifying stone, cleans negative energies, heightens energy, connects emotions with intellect, facilitates absorbing information, supports digestion, trust in oneself, and strengthens the ability to overcome setbacks

Carnelian:  Stone of presence, grounding yet energizing, supports fertility, energy, stimulating sexual drive, PMS, arthritis, increasing motivation, calming anger and negativity, depression, encourages sobriety, overcoming abuse


Charoite: Stone of transformation, helps you accept the present moment in it's imperfection, facilitates acceptance of others, releases fears, supports stress reduction and relaxation, overcoming alienation, useful for those with bipolar disorder and autism, encourages deep sleep with powerful dreams


Chrysocolla: Stone of tranquility, helps accept change, facilitates calm communication, helps with healing heartbreak and increasing self confidence, arthritis support, PMS


Chrysoprase - Green: Promotes joy and happiness, supports relief of anxiety and depression, attracts love, abundance, and prosperity, promotes love and forgiveness

Chrysoprase - Lemon: (Also known as Citron) Stone of compassion, stomach upset/nausea, sleep, PMS, fertility, supports endocrine system, easing restlessness, facilitating relaxation, healing after loss, easing depression, soothing nightmares (especially in children)

Citrine: Stone of success and abundance, facilitates communication, combats fatigue, allergies, depression, mood swings, nightmares and other sleep disturbances, overcoming trauma, grief, addictions & fears, boosting energy, bed wetting

Coral - Pink:  Stone of joy (which isn't really a stone at all, it's the skeletal remains of marine animals called coral polyps), supports hormone balance, breastfeeding, bringing peace and quieting emotions, depression, stress, accelerating the transfer of knowledge

Coral - Red: Stone of life and balance (which is actually not a stone at all but fossilized remains of sea animals called coral polyps), useful for hiccups, colic, heartburn, depression

Danburite: Stone of change and leaving the past behind, promotes peace of mind, useful for allergies, encourages self love, lucid dreaming

Dioptase: (Also known as Chrome Dioptase) Promotes living in the present moment, releases the need to control others, facilitates healing of the inner child, self love, increases energy, eases nausea, helps one to overcome shock, stress, and addictions

Dumortierite: Increases intellectual abilities, increases patience and sense of calm, boosts self esteem, aids in organization, increases courage, useful for overcoming addiction, useful for skin, carpal tunnel syndrome, maintaining a healthy weight, protection against depression, pregnancy support

Emerald: Stone of patience, unconditional love, soothes childbirth, colic, sleep, tension, nausea, arthritis, improving memory, clarity of thought & intelligence

Fluorite: Stone of protection, blocks computer and electromagnetic stress, dispels negativity, useful in grounding, learning, stabilizing emotions, increasing self confidence

Garnet: Stone of commitment, arthritis, male reproductive system, female hormone balance, supports libido and fertility, metabolism, inflammation, depression, nightmares, lending strength during trauma & crisis

Hematite: Stone for the mind, supports relief of headaches, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome (magnetic hematite specifically), stimulating concentration & focus, enhancing memory, boosting self esteem, overcoming anxiety & stress, will power & confidence, overcoming compulsions & addictions

Howlite: Stone of calming, sleep, stress, arthritis, accelerating metabolism, improving memory, facilitating learning

Iolite: Stone of vision, aids in understanding, encourages personal responsibility, promotes hair & nail growth, eases headaches & migraines, stimulates memory, encourages restful sleep, overcoming addictions and maintaining sobriety

Jade: Joint pain, arthritis, reproduction, assistance during childbirth, breastfeeding, eating disorders, bedwetting, brings insightful dreams

Jasper - Red: Protection stone, increases physical energy, supports allergy relief, eases emotional stress and worry, inspiring a positive joyful attitude

Jasper - Yellow: Protection stone, supports digestion, eases nausea and stomach upset

Jet: Stone of protection, formed from fossilized wood, draws out negative energy and worry, balances mood swings, supports healthy menstruation

Kona Dolomite: Stone of self realization, eases PMS, insomnia, increases stamina, eases grief , depression & anxiety, brings optimism

Kunzite: Stone of protection and tranquility, encourages unconditional love and self-love, self-expression, trust, ability to act on constructive criticism, supports joint health, helps combat anxiety, depression

Kyanite - Blue: Communication stone, aids in natural pain relief, aids in pubic speaking, soothes anger and aggression, repairing relationships and working through disagreements, breaking self destructive cycles, helps with memory recall, helps children who have trouble integrating with others

Labradorite: Stone of transformation, arthritis, regulating metabolism/aiding digestion, balancing hormones, relieving menstrual tension, arthritis, stimulating mental acuity, banishing fear & insecurities, calming over active mind, anxiety & stress

Lapis Lazuli: Stone of protection, menstrual irregularities, soothing inflammation & pain, migraine headaches, sleep, depression, stress, focus and attention, sensory support for those with ADHD, Asperger's & autism

Larimar: Helps overcome self-sabotaging behavior and martyrdom, alleviates guilt and fear, brings serenity and clarity, encourages "going with the flow", helpful for those with bipolar disorder

Lava: (Also known as Basalt) Stone of courage & strength, fertility, joint problems, bringing stability during times of change in life, dissipating anger, stress & indecision

Lepidolite - Pink: Stone of transition, relieves exhaustion, allergies, joint problems, arthritis, stabilizing mood swings, PMS, anxiety, stress, depression & bipolar disorder, releasing addictions & eating disorders

Magnesite - Fuchsia: Brings deep peace and relaxation, encourages unconditional love, self-awareness, calms the nerves

Malachite: Protector of children and travelers, eases mood swings, cramps, PMS, arthritis, motion sickness, nightmares, developing empathy for others, processing & absorbing information, releasing old traumas

Moonstone: Stone of new beginnings, digestion, balancing hormones, PMS, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, sleep, creating peaceful dreams, soothing stress & lending calmness

Moonstone - Peach: Same properties of Moonstone, but with extra fertility support

Morganite: Cleanses body of stress and helps relieve anxiety, promotes confidence and inner peace, eases fear

Obsidian & Snowflake Obsidian: Strongly protective stone, natural pain relief, digestion, joint pain, arthritis, reduces food cravings, stress & tension, increasing self control, protecting against depression, helping during times of grief, dealing with phobias

Opal - Yellow: Uplifting stone of comfort, eases issues of pain & discomfort in babies, colic, eases PMS, childbirth, reinforcing positive emotions

Pearl: Stone of sincerity, supports fertility, eases childbirth, headaches & migraines, allergies, stress, fatigue, focusing attention, inhibiting boisterous behavior

Peridot: Stone of cleansing, digestion, metabolism, childbirth, sleep, headaches & migraines, energy, depression & bipolar disorder, clearing away obsessions, jealousies, phobias, reducing stress

Phosphosiderite: Calming stone, increases mental power & intellectual abilities, stress relief, troublesome sleep, reducing anger

Pietersite: The Tempest Stone, centers you in the spiritual being, stone of meditation, stimulates intuition, dealing with suppressed feelings

Prehnite: Stone of unconditional love, heals the healer, supports metabolism, remembering your dreams, brings peace and protection, beneficial for hyperactivity and restful sleep

Quartz - Clear: (Also known as Rock Crystal & Crystal Quartz, includes dyed Quartz like Cherry Quartz) Power stone known as the "master healer" that aids in healing of all types, drawing out pain, strengthening all body systems, boosting positive energy, good for arthritis, migraines, motion sickness, metabolism, fertility, depression, concentration, studying & retaining learned information, amplifies other stones

Quartz - Rose: Stone of love that aids in soothing skin, the female reproductive system, post-partum support and healing after birth, headaches & migraines, relieving stress & tension, comforting during times of grief, depression, addiction

Quartz - Rutilated: Stone of spirtual growth, filters negative energy from others, soothes and lifts the mood, promotes forgiveness, supports fertility and sexual function

Quartz - Snowy: (Also known as Milky Quartz) “Master healer" stone, supports mental clarity and memory

Quartz - Smokey: Protective, grounding stone, supports reproductive organs, useful for headaches, sleep support, hyperactivity and ADHD, fostering cooperation in groups, elevating moods, depression, stress, grief

Quartz - Tourmalinated: Brings together energies of Quartz and Tourmaline, effective for grounding, problem solving, alleviating self-sabotage

Rhodochrosite: Stone of selfless love and compassion, supports healing of sexual abuse, attracting love, encouraging an open heart an emotional release, decreased inhibitions, increased self-worth

Rhodonite: Stone of balancing emotions, encourages healing from emotional shock and panic, self-destruction, codependency, and abuse, helps release anger, facilitate forgiveness, heal wounds and scars from the past, increases confidence, supports reduction of inflammation of joints, arthritis, multiple sclerosis

Rhyolite: Stone of self exploration, enhances creativity, facilitates change, encourages moving forward and not looking back, enhances self esteem and self worth, fortifies body's natural resistance to illness

Seraphinite: Stone of spiritual enlightenment, self awareness and healing, promotes opening the heart to love, helps release tension in the neck, useful for maintining a healthy weight

Serpentine: Stone of meditation, useful for menstruation, regulating milk flow for breastfeeding mothers, emotional imbalances, relieving stress, overall pain relief

Sodalite: Stone of athletics, supports breastfeeding, a healthy weight, digestion, sleep, balancing emotions, calming panic attacks, helping with communication, giving confidence to speak more, stimulating endurance, mental clarity, peaceful harmonizing properties


Sugilite: Stone of spiritual love and wisdom, helps with finding the answers to spiritual questions, great for sensitive people, aids in forgiveness and eliminating hostility, fosters loving communication, encourages positive thoughts, grounding, helps overcome learning differences, supportive to those with autism, useful for headaches

Sunstone: Stone of abundance, supports metabolism, arthritis, general aches & pains, depression & Seasonal Affective Disorder, chasing away nightmares, relieving stress

Tanzanite: Stone of transmutation, aids in recovery from illness, supporting fertility, male and female reproduction, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, overcoming stress, nervous tension, addiction

Tiger's Eye: Stone of protection, supports reproductive organs, focusing the mind, mental clarity, easing anxiety and stress, encourages self-worth, recovering from addiction

Tourmaline - Black: (Also known as Schrol) Protective stone, good for arthritis, constipation, IBS, digestion, paranoia, protects against cell phones, electromagnetic energies, negative energies of all kinds, helps clear negative thoughts

Tourmaline - Watermelon: Stone of unconditional love, patience, balances energy levels, helps support a healthy weight, encourages a calm, centered mind, depression & anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, paranoia

Turquoise: Protecting, strengthening & purification stone, good for anti-inflammation, exhaustion, headaches, allergies, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, helps stabilize mood swings, calms the nerves, releases inhibitions, promotes self-realization

Unakite: Grounding stone, aids healing after major illness, supports the female reproductive system before, during, and after pregnancy, letting go of emotional trauma, centering oneself

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