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My Story

Hi, I'm Wendy!


I first learned about Baltic amber jewelry for pain relief in 2009. My first daughter, Shelby, was just over a year old at the time, teething up a storm, and all the traditional methods to ease the pain weren’t cutting it.


I had read a little about the history behind amber use for pain relief and learned that amber had been used across Asia and Europe for centuries on teething children as well as adults suffering from a range of issues such as arthritis to carpal tunnel and sciatica. Pregnancy had left me with a lot of nerve pain in my hips.


I was intrigued, to say the least, and ordered a necklace for Shelby and an anklet for myself. It was worth a shot, right?


I was astonished at the amazing results the baby and I had with our amber jewelry. Pain relief from jewelry? It really worked! However, I noticed some issues with the quality of the jewelry available on the market at that time.


So I took my 12+ years of experience making jewelry, combined it with research about the best amber to use for teething and pain relief (along with the intricacies of making jewelry safe for children), and began making amber jewelry for friends and family.


As time went on, I really saw how this natural option for pain relief was helping people, and it was a joy to pair it with my passion for the jewelry-making art form. And then...Funky Birdie was born!

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